Thursday, February 9, 2012

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2012 Investment Board

Oxy Impact Fund is now accepting applications for the Fall 2012 Investment Board. Members of the board will work with other students to invest $3000 in NGO's throughout the developing world. The board will invest this money in microfinance institutions or other such organizations to have an impact on global issues such as women's empowerment, environmental conservation, and economic development.

The board will meet every Sunday at 8:30 PM for five-six weeks starting Sunday Sep. 30th and finishing well before finals. Meetings will be approximately one hour and all meetings are mandatory. If you are available at this time please apply.

- What is Impact Fund?:
- The Occidental Impact Fund, established by students, for students, allows us to directly target and impact global issues that matter to us. Our mission: to research, advocate, and participate in sustainable and socially responsible investing to create positive global change. (See some of our past work at

What will you do?:
Work with 16-20 other students to directly impact a global issues that matters to you. This process will be broken into three stages:

1. Select an issue that you want to impact
2. Identify a microfinance institution that directly or indirectly addresses that issue
3. Work with our other board members to fund your organization.

Your application must include the following in this order:
Major (potential or declared)
Class year
What skills and knowledge will you bring as an Oxy Impact Fund board member?
In 5-10 sentences, discuss a particular world issue that you find important and/or interesting (Example: financial inclusion among women in India).

Are you interested in being involved in research (separate from board)? Y/N

Please email completed applications, attached as word documents, to by midnight on September 19.

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