Sunday, October 24, 2010

Now accepting applications for Fall 2010 Investment Board

This semester you have a chance to be part of something exciting, Occidental's first social investment fund. Established this past semester, Impact Fund gives Oxy students the opportunity to not just talk about global issues, but do something about them. We are happy to announce that this semester
you can help us decide where we will have an impact by joining our investment board. Members of the board will work with 12 other students to invest $3000 in NGO's throughout the developing world. With this year’s focus on microfinance, the board will invest this money in microfinance institutions to have an impact on global issues such as women's empowerment, environmental conservation, and economic development. If this is an opportunity that interests you read below for more information on how to join:

What is Impact Fund?:
The Occidental Impact Fund, established by students, for students, allows us to directly target and impact global issues that matter to us. Our mission: to research, advocate, and participate in sustainable and socially responsible investing to create positive global change. (See some of our past work at

What will you do?:
Work with 12 other students through a grantmaking style process to directly impact a global issue that matters to you. This process will be broken into four stages:
  1. Select an issue that you want to impact
  2. Develop a criteria upon which you will compare organizations
  3. Identify organizations that meet the criteria
  4. Select and fund an organization that lets us have the greatest impact on our selected global issue

What if you don't have experience in microfinance or investing?
Not a problem. For our board to be truly successful we need students from a variety of majors, classes, and backgrounds that can bring different perspectives to the board. Our first meeting will be spent giving everyone the basic knowledge they will need on microfinance, socially responsible investing, and the grantmaking style process.

When will it be?
The board will meet four to five times over the month of November, each meeting lasting approximately an hour. The exact dates and times will be announced once all the board members have been selected and we can compare schedules to ensure everyone can attend the meetings. This being said, ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY at all five meetings.

Why should you join?
  • Learn about microfinance, socially responsible investing, the grantmaking process
  • Practice advocacy skills that will serve you at Oxy and beyond
  • Have a REAL IMPACT on global issues that matter to you

How can you join?
The simple application (attached) is due before midnight on October 31st to our email

If you still have questions feel free to email us or come to our meeting next Friday, at 12:40 in Fowler 207, to meet current board members and decide if Impact Fund is right for you.


Taylor Corbett
President - Occidental Impact Fund
Diplomacy and World Affairs, Economics
Occidental College '12

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