Saturday, April 17, 2010

Investment Decisions - Spring 2010

After a week of debate, we are proud to announce OxyIF's investment decisions for Spring 2010.

Thaneaka Phum (TPC) - Cambodia - 2 microloans ($166 a piece)
"Thaneakea Phum (Cambodia), Ltd. (TPC) is a microfinance institution (MFI) with a social vision and a business orientation that provides poor, rural men and women with the economic opportunities to transform the quality of their lives and their communities through the provision of effective and sustainable, client-empowering financial services."

Thaneaka Phum (TPC) was selected on the basis that it meets our required loan criteria. In addition, our investment will go to support women entrepreneurs, which the board has recognized as a critical aspect of economic development in many countries, including Cambodia.

You can find our more about TCP here:

Sinapi Aba - Ghana - partial loan ($168)
"Our goal as an organization is to build a stronger community for our clients and our employees to live in. We believe that partnerships are the way to strengthen these communal bonds. As such, partner with other local community organizations such as Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, the Prisons Fellowship/Geo Trust, and the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation. In order to best serve the holistic needs of our clients we not only connect them with other developmental organizations, we also provide a wide variety of additional services of our own including HIV/AIDS counseling services, a youth apprenticeship program and have help to facilitate local community development discussions."

Their website is:

Sinapi Aba met all of our criteria as well making it an ideal MFI for OxyIF to invest in. When combined with Thaneaka Phum (TPC) our requirement for regional diversification is satisfied, thereby meeting all of our criteria. Both of these investments are made possible by the Calvert Foundation and Please keep checking back over the coming year to see our club have an impact one person, one dollar, one impact at a time.

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