Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Giving Campaign

Occidental Impact Fund is proud to announce our holiday giving campaign. This year instead of giving traditional gifts we encourage students to give donations, in an individuals name, to people and causes that truly need help this season. To do this OxyIF has teemed up with the Jolkona Foundation, a Seattle based micro-giving non-profit, to allowing students to give to over 50 causes worldwide. The gifts available through Jolkona are:
  • Convenient - this year students are pressed for time. Finals take place right in the middle of the holiday season. Jolkona's gifts can be bought online saving you all the time an energy you would have spent at the mall.
  • Socially responsible - Jolkona's gifts target numerous causes all over the world from educating girls in Afghanistan to saving old growth rainforest in the Amazon.
  • Green - Forget all the plastic and packaging that comes with normal gifts. Jolkona gift certificates can be printed out, or sent via email, reducing waste and saving trees.
  • Great price - with gifts ranging from $5 to over $500 students can find the gifts that fit your price range and make great stocking stuffers too
  • Truly Unique - Jolkona is dedicated to having a unique "proof" of impact" for every donation. After giving an organization, that organization documents your donations impact through either a photo, video, or letter, to let you, or your gift recipient know how your donation was spent.
If your interested in joining our giving campaign look for us on the quad at lunch this coming Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, or email

Happy Holidays,

The OxyIF Team

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